It's no secret that accessories are the cornerstone of every perfect look; When their full potential is exploited, they bring attention right where you want, they highlight any color combination, they can radically transform every outfit, making it all-terrain.

But let's face it, sometimes it is possible to forget that accessories also have seasons and trends that are frequently renewed as the world of fashion and style is constantly changing.

However, due to the peculiar conditions that we live in today, trends tend to expand and last a little longer than normal, so in 2021 we will be seeing the continuation, above all, of the strongest trends of 2020.

At Madelona we love a good headband, almost as much as you do, that's why we bring you some of our favorites that will once again be a must in this 2021 according to major fashion blogs around the world.

Pearl Headbands Perfect to give a classic touch of elegance on any occasion. Definitely a timeless classic that survives the seasons

"Constance Headband"

Embellished Headbands

Infallible to highlight even the most sober outfit, they are definitely a key piece to have in your wardrobe because, although they are loaded, they go practically with everything.

"Yelani Headband"

Beaded Headbands

One of the most popular styles and with good reason, since it is enough to see them to fall in love and know that you need them. They're the best of two worlds - eye-catching and versatile.

"Essen Headband"

Braided Headbands

Casual and gorgeous, braided headbands make the difference when it comes to putting together your everyday outfit.

"Candace Velvet Padded Headband"

Which of these is your favorite trend?

Discover more models in our "Headbands" section and don't forget to share us on social networks, how you combine them with your looks.